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Our hands tell a story of being exposed to sunrays and pollution and being uncared for too. Here’s understanding the damage done to our hands and how to treat it…

WHEN it comes to our face, we are all very conscious about its skin care routine. We use sunscreens to avoid any damage caused by uv radiation, use hydrating creams, anti-ageing creams and what not. But do we also put thought about our other body parts especially the neck and hands which are equally affected by the suns radiation, allergies, pollution etc.

Dr. Sneh thadani says, “hands are the most exposed yet the ,ost uncared parts of our body. No wonder, they begin to show signs of ageing much earlier than our face.” Below, she discusses the causes of ageing of our hands and possible treatment options:


There are three main factors that can make your hands age faster. The first one is sun damage. “It can prematurely age our hands by causing wrinkling, uneven pigmentation, and atrophy or thinning of the skin,”

Second is genetics. It also plays a part in aging your hands since age spots and freckles are hereditary.
Lastly, the medications you are using can also be affecting your hands. “Side effects may include increased photosensitivity and atrophy or thinning of the skin—thus causing premature ageing of the hands.


The funny thing about age spots is that they actually have nothing to do with age: “age spots are the result of sun exposure, a simple solution for this is to rub on a dime-sized dab of sunscreen with broad-spectrum spf 30 or higher before leaving the house and reapply frequently throughout the day. Choose one that also offers defense against infrared radiation, you can repair sun damage and reduce the appearance of age spots with the regular use of retinoids and high-strength retinols. Using products with alpha-hydroxy acids (ahas) can help improve your skin tone and texture.

To fade existing spots, look for a product with melanin-inhibiting ingredients, such as licorice root, kojic acid, or niacinamide. Stubborn sun spots and discolouration can be treated with fruit acid peels which are advised once a month. Chemical peels on your hands to help improve skin texture, reduce pigmentation and even boost collagen production.

Skin brightening nd yag q switched laser- which is an advanced technology which breaks the pigment molecules in small tiny molecules which then on are eliminated from the body, this laser also boost collagen causing tightening and texture improvement of ones hands


If the backs of your hands are starting to get a crumpled look reminiscent of gift bag stuffing, use a prescription retinoid cream to improve texture and jumpstart the growth of thickening collagen mesotherapy – mesotherapy is a noninvasive procedure where a cocktail of hyaluronic acid and skin brightening and tightening molecules are infused into the deeper layes of skin giving it the youthful feel back to ones hands.

Prominent veins

This happens because of loss of collagen and fat loss from the skin of the hands. Giving it the shriveled old look. This can be corrected by using hyaluronic acid and peptide based creams which causes little plumping of the skin.

To correct the defect-one must consult a dermatologist and choose to do fillers- hyaluronic acid based fillers microneedling rf- microneedling rf is an advanced laser where with minimally invasive procedure collagen remodeling can be achieved giving your hand a restored youthful skin and feel.

Scaly skin

Nothing about dry, scaly skin says “young and healthy.” Return them to smooth-and plump status overnight with this quick pre-bed routine: first, slough off rough, dead skin with a gentle scrub, then use a shea butter or coco butter based hydrating creams. Use a cling film to wrap your hand for intense hydration


Water or chemical exposure, seasonal weather changes, and even genetics, can all lead to brittle, breaking nails. But the right supplements can help. Taking a 2.5 Mg dose of the b vitamin biotin improves nail strength and reduces brittleness after six to nine months..

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