Dental Advice During Pregnancy

Pregnant Mothers


Being pregnant is an exciting and tiring time. It is also a very busy time with lots of people offering you advice and guidance. Well, here’s some more advice, but its being kept to a minimum. Many pregnant mothers get very worried about their teeth, so here are a few hints which will help you keep your teeth healthy.

1. Look after your gums
You may notice that your gums bleed when you brush. This is not unusual; during pregnancy, the gums become more sensitive to irritation and bleed more easily. The best way to cope with this problem is to make sure you clean your teeth thoroughly every day. Your dentist will advise you on this and can clean and polish your teeth, which will be a great help.

2. Visit your dentist
Dental check up is good for pregnant women. Make sure you get a check up in the early months of your pregnancy.

3. Will your teeth lose calcium?
No. It is impossible for calcium from your teeth to be drawn off and given to your baby. Your growing baby will get calcium from your diet – just make sure you follow your doctor’s advice on diet.

4. Sugary snacks
Try not to have sugary snacks between meals. That way you will not gain extra weight and it helps prevent tooth decay.

Nursing Mothers


Having a new baby in the home certainly causes a commotion – frequent feeds and a whole new routine to get used to. As you are probably overtired, here is some dental advice which is very simple and won’t upset the daily routine.

1. Feeding
If you give the baby fruit juice, always dilute it with water. Never let your baby suck, for long periods, at a bottle containing fruit juice – it’s a sure way to get tooth decay. Never put your baby to bed with a bottle containing fruit juice.

2. Teething
Teething can cause problems and your baby may start waking you up become quite irritable. There are several preparations in the market which can help.
Your doctor will be able to advise you on the appropriate pain relievers and relaxants which will help your baby (and you) get a good night’s sleep.
The age at which baby teeth come out is quite variable – the first one usually comes out at 6 months and by 2 years of age, all 20 teeth will generally be in the mouth.

3. Toothbrushing
Let baby watch you brush. Children love copying. As soon as four front teeth are in the mouth, put a smear of toothpaste on a brush and let the baby play with the toothbrush. It is important to try and encourage the toothbrushing routine from an early age.

4. Look after yourself
Although you are very busy, don’t neglect your own teeth. Go for a routine dental check up.

5. Fluoride
Use a fluoride containing toothpaste to give your child fluoride protection from germs and cavities.

6. Baby teeth
Some of the baby teeth have to last until your child is 11 years of age. They are important in helping to make sure that the second set of teeth come through in the correct position. So please make sure you help your child look after them.


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