Here’s How to Present Your Medical History to Your Doctor

Maximize any medical appointment by presenting your medical history in a simple and concise manner.

At times, visiting a doctor for a handful of symptoms you might be facing can be quite daunting. Undiagnosed medical problem requires physical examination or medical tests, as this is how a doctor can understand a complete patient’s history. Hence, in order to help the doctor, prepare a proper treatment plan sans any misdiagnosis and medical errors, a timely and proper access to past medical history and records is important. Consultant Critical Care Physician, SSD Hospital Koparkhairane, Navi Mumbai, tells us how you can maximize any medical appointment by presenting your medical history in a simple and concise manner, which a doctor can understand. Here are few things you need to take care of when preparing and presenting your medical history to your doctor:


  • List down all the peculiar things that a doctor should know about you: It is advised that the patient should make written notes – an activity that will help the patient immensely and not just the doctor. This written note should enlist anything that the patient would like to discuss during consultation so that the patient will not miss out on any point related to his or her health.
  • Hiding a condition or symptom because of embarrassment is not okay: If the patient is hiding anything from doctor, then the doctor will face a lot of problems while giving his or her treatments. Right from admitting to your illicit habits like smoking or drinking to talking about an embarrassing private medical issue, nothing should be hidden from the doctor. As far as your health is concerned, there is no use to hide anything because doctors will as it is get to know about the hidden condition through your current medical reports.
  • One’s medical history or records are the reflection of their health status: A patient’s medical history is also the very core of clinical practice. These records always help the doctor to evaluate the current status of a patient’s diseases and at the same time, medical history can save a patient’s time and money, as he or she can avoid further medical investigation.
  • A full knowledge on one’s allergies and previous medication can be useful to the doctor for treatment: A proper knowledge on your allergies and previous medications is always useful, more so when the patient gets shifted from one state to another state or one country to another country. Again, nevertheless it will save patient’s time and money and he or she can get a quicker treatment.
  • Revealing everything about the recent tests is also important: Nowadays, many patients are conducting regular medical tests to be updated with their sugar and thyroid levels. But when sometimes you visit your doctor for different reason or diseases, at that time you must share your recent medical reports. This will help the doctor to give medication considering your medical records. Read more about Diabetes Monitoring
  • A patient should also talk about their lifestyle habits and other herbal remedies they might be following: We all know that one’s lifestyle plays an important role while taking any treatments or consultation. It is generally seen that many people have a habit to resort to common over-the-counter antibiotics or herbal syrups and powders for common problems like to increase immunity, constipation problems, acidity problems and many more. Hence, for you get a better treatment on your condition, you must reveal your previous treatment options to doctor. Also, today being a digital era, if you have spine problems so you have to inform your doctor on how long you sat in front of the computer and how long you are driving every day. These all things count when the doctor is preparing your chart for a better treatment.

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