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For couple struggling with infertility, the options they face in an attempt to bring a child into their home can be stressful and overwhelming. Recognizing this, SAI SNEHDEEP’S RAJ IVF CENTRE is the Best IVF Center in Navi Mumbai has established a state of art IVF Infertility treatment and TEST TUBE BABY treatment facility that is staffed with professionals with personal touch. We are the best Infertility Clinic in Navi Mumbai that provides the highest standard of treatment, care and advice to achieve the best prospects for a successful pregnancy. Our Infertility Clinic in Navi Mumbai has state of the art equipments and extensive expertise in handling fertility problems, we ensure you that you will benefit from high-level successful and affordable treatment options.

Facilities Available At Our IVF Clinic in Navi Mumbai:

  • IVF (in-vitro fertilization)
  • Embryo freezing
  • Semen freezing
  • IUI (intrauterine inemination)
  • AID – Donor insemination using frozen semen
  • Tubal reversal (microsurgery)
  • Male factor evalution and treatment
  • Fertility enhancing endoscopic surgery
  • Routine and hormone tests

What is IVF Infertility treatment?

IVF Infertility treatment or In Vitro Fertilization technically means “fertilisation outside of the body”. While considered an experimental procedure for years, IVF infertility treatment has been proven a way for many couples to build their family.

Benefits of IVF treatment

IVF infertility treatment will increase the chance of pregnancy when everything else seems to have failed. It will be useful in few of the following conditions.
1. Endometriosis
2. Blocked tubes
3. Unexplained infertility
4. Male Infertility
5. PCOS – (Polyscystic Ovarian Syndrome)

All disposable are acquired from reputed companies.


Though natural cycle IUI can be done, medicines are used to recruit more follicles
Proper timing is important for the success
Success : With the proper selection of patients and protocols, there is 12% to 15% success rate. IVF may be considered in case three or four cycles od IUI fail.

AID (Donor Insemination)

In case of no sperms i.e, azoospemia couple have an option of AID. Therapeutic Donor insemination is done using quarantined sample. The protocol and the timing are as in AIH.

Our Laboratory, OT and Equipment

We have latest incubator imported directly from Galaxy, UK. Steriozoom microscope SZ61 is from Olympus. Routine andrology work is carried out on Magnus microscope

We do have Makler Sperm counting chamber (afi, Israeli), Craft Oocyte aspiration pump and the state of art Biotronics Embryo Freezer is imported from UK.

All the work is done under Laminar flow to ensure maximum asepsis



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