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Orofacial pain is a general term covering any pain which is felt in the mouth, jaws and the face. Orofacial pain is a common symptom, and there are many causes. It is estimated that over 95% of cases of orofacial pain result from dental causes (i.e. toothache caused by pulpitis or a dental abscess). After dental pain, the second most common cause of orofacial pain is temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD, pain-dysfunction syndrome).  All other causes of orofacial pain are rare in comparison, although the full differential diagnosis is extensive.

We take deep interest in the patient’s condition and prepare the patient to accept the root cause or origin of pain. We work closely to build interest and confidence in the patient towards a common goal. Our treatment has two clear goals – pain relief and functional rehabilitation. We use a combination of evidence based practice and counseling to treat patients. For us patients are a source of learning and achievement. Neocare plans to bring into India advances in medical sciences achieved in developed countries like USA through constant exchange and mentorship programs with leading authorities in orofacial treatment.

After the common causes of orofacial pain have been eliminated, one needs to consult an Orofacial pain specialist.

Treatments offered:
Dr. Ruchika Sood
Dr. Ruchika Sood









Dr. Ruchika Sood is one of the pioneers of Orofacial pain treatment in India.

She is a Board Certified Orofacial Pain Specialist from American Board of Orofacial Pain (ABOP). In her practice spanning 14 years in India and America she has treated over 1000 patients and helped them achieve high functional levels. She has keen interest in research and is currently working on furthering her clinical understanding in treatment of TMJ, Facial Pain, Headaches, Sleep Apnea/Snoring disorders and Facial Cancer Pain.

She holds a clinical fellowship in Temporomandibular Disorders & Orofacial Pain and a M.D.S degree from Rutgers School of Dental Medicine (USA).

She is member of many national & international pain  societies:

American Academy of Orofacial Pain
International Association for Study of Pain(IASP)
Mumbai Pain Society



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