Tooth Whitening

You are thinking about whitening your teeth but are reluctant for specific reasons. You were concerned, perhaps, about the cost. Or you were concerned about the safety of whitening your teeth. It’s good enough for those models on TV, it should be good enough for you! Right?

Infomercials can be very convincing. However, here are the facts and concerns you should base your decision on First find a mirror. Look at yourself and smile. Ask yourself if you feel self-conscious when you smile and if you make attempts not to smile to hide aspects of your teeth. Look at photographs of yourself.

Are your teeth visible when you smile and what colour are they? Then ask someone, who will be frank, about the colour of your teeth (do not ask your mother!). Then, finally, ask yourself how often do you wish that you had lighter coloured (whiter) teeth. If this thought crosses your mind once a week or more often, you should consider whitening your teeth.

Tooth Whitening Tips

Our teeth yellow as we age. Coffee, tea, cola drinks, soy sauce, cigarettes, pan, tobacco, food colouring, etc. will hasten this process. Many of you parents may have noticed that when adult teeth appear in your child’s mouth, they seem more yellow than the remaining milk teeth. Human teeth are inherently yellow from the start and only get worse with time.Before you decide about whitening your teeth, you should know the following: You should

Before you decide about whitening your teeth, you should know the following: You should whiten your teeth prior to having any visible plastic fillings or porcelain crowns. The whitening process will not lighten these restorations. Wait at least two weeks following the whitening process to assure the shade has stabilised, before beginning any aesthetic dental work.

Perhaps the most important component of the home teeth whitening process is the tray construction and design. A well-constructed tray has specially designed reservoirs incorporated into the design, which holds larger volumes of the whitening gel. In addition, the tray must have an optimum thickness, allowing it to stick to the teeth much like a soft contact lens does to the eye. The tray may only cover the teeth and now allow whitening gel to come into contact with the gums. Many of the systems available over the counter, via infomercials and drug stores, contain a one-size-fits-all tray that the purchaser must adapt to their teeth themselves. This is not recommended as the whitening tgel comes into contact with the gums, causing irritation of the gums. The properly designed tray is a mandatory pre-requisite to safe and effective whitening of teeth, and can only be properly furnished by a dental professional.

Tooth Whitening

It is also necessary to have a healthy mouth before beginning to whiten your teeth. Bleeding gums, cavities, sensitive teeth, and other conditions need to be treated first. The teeth must be cleaned and polished to ensure that the whitening gel comes into direct contact with the tooth surface.

Possible side effects include increased sensitivity to cold during the treatment, tongue and lip soreness, and possible sore throat. These side effects almost always resolve in 1-3 days after completion or interruption of treatment.

So it’s feasible to have whiter teeth in 7-14 days. But how much does all this cost? Prices vary substantially. However, whitening one’s teeth have become more affordable. Expect to pay anywhere between 5,000-10,000, depending on the condition of your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Tips

You now possess the information to make an educated decision with respect to whitening your teeth. Just remember, when making the decision to change one’s appearance, do not make the cosmetic improvement for someone else’s image of you, make the improvement for your own self image.

Dr. Deepak Vaswani

Dental Surgeon, SSD Hospital

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