What’s more in this security business?

There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with being a security agency. First andforemost, a security company’s most critical role is to ensure the safety and security of the facility being managed.
Security professionals secure the facility in many different ways, whichdepends on the location, hours of operation, assets being protected, if it’s a public or private building etc.
There are many dangerous things that can happen to your building, including vandalism, theft, loitering and rioting, just to name a few. There can be challenges to protect buildings from these risks, so security guards may have to plan and think ahead before securing a certain space.
Risk Assessment
“Crises and risk are inherently dynamic and unpredictable.” Said by an author The hard part is that a security guard will need to determine the level of security needed when guarding a building or a business. There are 4 important pointers to determine how well is your security been trained? The next time you think of hiring a guard for your business or your residence you need to have answers for the questions from the security personnel mentioned as below:

  • What are you protecting?
  • Why are you protecting it?
  • How will you protect it?
  • What’s the likelihood of something happening on property?

“Risk and crisis communication is most effective when it is part of the decision process itself.”
By looking at the possible consequences of risk, you can prevent the company from having to deal with the aftermath of a crisis or emergency situation. If security guards are always prepared and equipped with the latest tech gadgets, they will know exactly what to do and how to assess each situation accordingly.

Evaluate not only the infrastructure of the building you are guarding, but the interior as well. Meaning, who is coming to work? What ages are they? Are there more females or males? Looking at the demographics also helps in assessing risk because it will help determine how tight or loose the security needs to be and also what strategies will be most beneficial to use.

Security Measures

The measures used will depend on the risk factors associated with the particular building you are guarding. For example, designated parking. This is a big security consideration for visitors in particular. If every tenant has an assigned parking spot, then visitor parking should be in an area that allows for natural, maximum surveillance so that the guard can see (and be seen), in order for the guard to have the chance to glance over at any moment and see that everyone is parked where they need to be.
Like in any other aspect of life, there are bound to be some inevitable challenges. One of the challenges includes providing the right level of security and meeting your clients expectations at the same time. Having security personnel on your property is the best way to monitor, observe and report.

TOP IPS Group offers different levels of security services depending upon the

TOP IPS Group representatives will classify your property by identifying its unique needs and recommending from a wide range of services which are mentioned as below.

  • Industrial Security Services
  • Commercial Security Services
  • Female Security Guards (Lady Searchers)
  • Building Security
  • Dog Squads
  • Escort Duties (Executive protection officers)
  • Event Security Services
  • Action Plan from Crime Prevention
  • Campus Security
  • Retail Security
  • Armed Security (Apart from the state of Maharashtra)
  • CCTV and Monitoring Services
  • Banking and Non-Banking Institutional Security

Securing and protecting your property is important, and TOP IPS Group  understands your unique demands for safeguarding your property, tenants, and visitors alike. We will not waiver from our commitment or to maintain team spirit based upon pride and mutual respect, within our organization. Together, we can exceed goals and achieve superior results.

Ask for a quote today by giving us a call on 1800-270- 1818 / 022-2779- 5265 or e-mail us at info@topsecurity.co.in

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